We are pleased to share the idea of ​​innovative solutions for digital transformation in the four worlds: land, water, air and space (communication and navigation systems).


We have a unique opportunity with you to develop a new type of digital monitoring, cybersecurity and authenticity of information by presenting a new strategy in security measures and education on the subject. With our team, pilots, doctors, specialists and partners from the Bulgarian Military Academy, the Academy of the Ministry of Interior, the national branch organization for electric mobility - ICEM and other organizations we will assist in this.


That is why we invite you to make the first INNOVATION FORUM of its kind, which is appropriate to take place high in the air on September 11, 2021, the 20th anniversary of the event 9/11. I plan to do this during the Golden Medical Hour, aboard a helicopter or other aircraft that rises to the maximum altitude above Sofia and the nearby beautiful mountains, to capture for the world media the beauty of our country, where we can demonstrate the first a kind of Mobile Mission Control Center. It can provide real-time remote video surveillance and satellite flight monitoring. This will give an idea of ​​the new technologies available to civilians, which will show many solutions in the digital transformation.


It will be a Global Security, Emergency Response and Cybersecurity Forum ecosystem in which leaders of organizations, industries, experts and volunteers will share ideas, explore new technologies and join forces to thrive.


One of the innovations, apart from the fact that this will be the first interactive Forum of its kind, in which innovation will be tested and created on the go, but we will also present a new educational approach – The E.D.G.E., who will write a new story in digitalization and innovation.



The project will be developed online, remotely and envisages the creation of a digital platform in Bulgarian and English, where everyone will be able to see the innovation in vertical rescue and SAR operations that reqire rope access

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