Vertical Rescue | Volunteer Rescue History
The Highrise Emergency and Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) has the mission to achieve new heights in the new 2018
Въздушно-височинен, аварийно спасителен отряд, Highrise Emergency, Aerial Rescue, Response Team, H.E.A.R.T.,
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Volunteer Rescue History

Boyko Borissov, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria about Ivan Kristoff’s idea for the  future of rescue and organizing a  Special Operations Service (SOS) team

“What surprised me more, especially when I knew him (Ivan Kristoff) is that he is a very good diplomat… for sure we will make a similar unit and for sure we will make such a rescue team. And if we have an instructor like him, then it is certain that this team will be good”


Year the Special Operations Service (SOS) team is organized in Bulgaria


Year the S.O.S. team conducted Word's First 3G and 4G aerial video monitoring from a flying helicopter


The international Vertical Access Network was presented at the Dubai Helishow to the Princes of Dubai


The World’s First INNOVATION VR FORUM will be presented as a digital platform for volunteer rescuers