Vertical Rescue | About our mission
The Highrise Emergency and Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) has the mission to achieve new heights in the new 2018
Въздушно-височинен, аварийно спасителен отряд, Highrise Emergency, Aerial Rescue, Response Team, H.E.A.R.T.,
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About our mission

To help volunteer organizations

Introduction: Vertcal Rescue


The SOS team has a unique strategic position to expand the portfolio of NGO’s and volunteer rescuers and reach the pinnacle in academicals and practical know-how in the field of vertical and aerial rope access operations. The goal of oru new project is to train in a new VR environment, new ricruits to perform rescues even at the height of the world’s tallest buildings. With the Institute for Vertical Access Operations, the team can close the 360 degree strategy to become an in-house training facility and develop avant-garde program to train other teams. The filming of this project will help with the trailblazing and edutainment of this program, which will stamp the new team’s trace in the world scale.

Vertical rescue: Creating a Volunteer Rescue team


We opened a new chapter in the history of vertical rope access.

Over a decade ago, Ivan Kristoff introduced the concept for a Highrise Emergency Aerial Response Team and applied it on the top of the world’s tallest structure in 2003


Now we can open a new chapter in the history of aerial rope access.

We will work on this project as a team and coordinate with the filming crew and TV network the scenarios and filming of the New Amazing TV Series.


Now you can join us and be part or a support the innovation.

Based on project goals, the crew will be selected and the team can be presented at the Innovatuion VR F0rum 2018

What our clients say