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The Highrise Emergency and Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) has the mission to achieve new heights in the new 2018
Въздушно-височинен, аварийно спасителен отряд, Highrise Emergency, Aerial Rescue, Response Team, H.E.A.R.T.,
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Towards a new horizon of impact


This is a forum for the global VR, Vertical Rescue and Vertical Reference ecosystem, where government officials, industry leaders, experts and volunteers share ideas, explore technologies and join forces to shape growth.

България има над 13 вековна история и над 1 вековна история в авиацията.

Through strong international partnerships with leading institutions around the world, we will increase our capacity to address the challenges in vertical rescue at extreme heights and create new opportunities for emergency responders to benefit from an internationalized learning experience

Ivan Kristoff


The VR forum, explained in 5 seconds

V irtual

R reality

V ertical

R escue

V ertical

R eference

V olunteer

R escuers

VR evolution

for rescue

The vision of the Prime Minister of Bulgaria

Over a decade ago, a Bulgarian performed World’s First rope access on the top of the world’s tallest structure.  Now he will introduce a new chapter in the history of aviation.

We are very pleased with the high angle work you completed above the CN Tower’s Skypod. The work was conducted with professionalism and your safety standards were impeccable. As you know the CN Tower is a wander of the modern world at a height of 1815 feet and 5 inches.

Nick  MIgliore

Exec. Dir. of Ops & Security – CN Tower

Year the Special Operations Service (SOS) team is organized in Bulgaria


Year the S.O.S. team conducted Word's First 3G and 4G aerial video monitoring from a flying helicopter


The international Vertical Access Network was presented at the Dubai Helishow to the Princes of Dubai


The World’s First INNOVATION VR FORUM will be presented as a digital platform for volunteer rescuers

A bold vision for the future 

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