Vertical Rescue | Forum One
That's all just basic human desire, to be a part of anything greater than yourself.,
Въздушно-височинен, аварийно спасителен отряд, Highrise Emergency, Aerial Rescue, Response Team, H.E.A.R.T.,
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Lt. Nikolay Kalaydzhiev

Within the ONE medical golden hour, UNITED WE ARE STRONGER

We will execute the World’s First Forum in the Air. Be the Number ONE with us. We invite you on an exiting journey, a few thousand meters high, higher above any Forum that has taken place on Earth.


International Network

The International Vertical Access Network (I.V.A.N.) is a brand new way of meeting like-minded people

Embedded Extreme Journalism

A brand new way to train journalists and experience new emerging technology in extreme situations

organizing global events

Share disruptive innovation around the world and exchange knowledge and experience with experts


Extreme in Switzerland


Extreme in Dubai. UAE


Extreme in Canada


Extreme in Bulgaria