Vertical Rescue | The Fortis Experience with Scuba Diving
The Highrise Emergency and Aerial Response Team (H.E.A.R.T.) has the mission to achieve new heights in the new 2016
Въздушно-височинен, аварийно спасителен отряд, Highrise Emergency, Aerial Rescue, Response Team, H.E.A.R.T.,
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The Fortis Experience with Scuba Diving

Our next filming will be with an Underwater and Underground Scuba Diving Exploration team and showcase how they provide a multidisciplinary training for rope access at extreme heights and depths.

With a young scuba diver Simeon Penev, we had an exciting experience on his yacht and underwater with the Forits Diver watch and Fortis Flieger Pro Chronograph (with the stainless steel bracelet). The purpose of the trip among the Halkidiki Islands was to check out some of the new scuba gear and Fortis Swiss watches, so that we are fully prepared for an exercise in the freezing water of the Seven Rila Lakes. Mony, as I nicknamed Simeon, showed a courage and stamina that I have not seen even in experienced mountain climbers who have climbed the highest peaks on Earth.

Simeon Penev is a 15 year old student in London, who dreams to study in Cambridge.

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